The Raptor Jack Snax 'Slippery Gypsea' 10+ has a silver scale pattern over fluro pink shoulders with a chrome side belly and pearl white underbelly. For added contrast this lure is finished off with black gill plate and fins. Slippery Gypsea works well in both salt and fresh water and can be trolled  or  works well on the cast and retrieve.


Each lure comes with triple coil S/S splitrings and VMC 6X strong FishFighter saltwater treble hooks, they are solid construction made from poly urethane hard foam with through wiring. They are built to withstand the harshest punishment from any conditions. 


Because of the bouyant material the Jack Snax are made from, they back up out of structure extremely well and with care can be walked through snags and across rockbars where the fish are often hiding

Raptor Jack Snax 'Slippery Gypsea' 10+