'Black Spot Anchovy' has silver grey sides with a purple shimmer. A black back and tail with a contrasting black dot on the side. This lure can be used in both fresh and salt water. Can be fished in timber with care or jigged in an up and down motion in deep holes or gutters.


20g - To be fished in areas where more of a flutter in the vibe is desired. Flutters in the strike zone longer


Black Spot Anchovy (115mm/20g)

  • Materials:

    Raptor Vibes come with XX strong rings and hooks which have been customised for Raptor Vibes. Raptor Vibes are made with strong Thermoplastic Rubber that is both elastic and durable.

    Care of Product:

    Product should be washed in freshwater after use. To maintain shape of vibe, it is recommended that it is stored in the original packaging. If the tails of the vibes become joined or out of shape, applying boiling water will allow you to separate or re-shape tail.